Core values

Our core values are the steadfast principles that guide the business decisions we make and the way in which we manage our client relationships every day. These are as important to us today as they were years ago when we started the bank. They are who we are and what we do. 

We have an Attitude of Urgency in everything we do.

Warm greetings, prompt return calls and creative solutions from local decision makers set us apart from other banks.

We are Committed to Confidentiality.

From your name and financial details to your thoughts and strategies, your information remains private, safe and secure.

We deliver the talents of the Best People in the financial industry.

Bankers with advanced training and years of experience enhance the service our clients enjoy.

We believe in Trust and Integrity, and it is reflected in every decision we make.

Focused on the long term, we embrace a high-performance culture distinguished by the imperative that we will do what is in our clients’ best interest. 

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