Business Checking

American Community Bank & Trust offers three types of business checking accounts. We also offer sweep services and zero-balance accounts to help you manage your funds.

Business Checking

Commercial Checking

Community Interest Checking

Account TypeFor businesses with fewer than 250 transactionsFor businesses with more than 250 transactionsFor government agencies, qualified 501(c)3 organizations and community associations
Monthly Fee$12$20$12
Balance Needed to Avoid Fee


Interest or Earnings CreditNone

Earnings credit* to offset monthly fees based on balances maintained

Tiered rates:
$50,000 and over
Per Item FeeFirst 250 items are free 

$.50 for each additional item
Deposits $.75
Items deposited $.20
Debits $.20
ACH debit $.15
ACH credit $.25
First 250 items are free 

$.50 for each additional item

*An earnings credit allowance based on your average collected balances will be applied toward your monthly activity fees.

Sweep Services 

Maximize your return on available fund balances by automatically transferring funds between your operating account and an investment or loan account. A sweep eliminates manual daily transfers and ensures that your money is always working for you.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA) 

Use a ZBA to separate certain transaction activities like payroll from your operating account. The ZBA is tied to your company’s main operating account.

IOLTA Account 

Law firms may utilize this account to earn interest on short-term client funds.

Reorder Checks

Our Business Banking customers have a wide array of features and options when it comes to ordering checks. An American Community Bank & Trust Business Banker can assist you with reordering your checks.


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