• Savings, CDs & Money Market Accounts

Savings, CDs & Money Market Accounts


American Community Bank & Trust offers the following different savings solutions. 

Business Savings

Business Money Market*

Commercial Money Market*

For businesses that want interest on balancesEarns interest based on collected deposit balancesFor businesses that maintain high deposit balances
Maintenance Fees$10 quarterly$11 monthly$12 monthly
Balance Required to Avoid Maintenance Fees$500$2,500$10,000
InterestYesTiered rates
$2,500 and over
Tiered rates
$250,000 +
Collected Minimum Balance Required to Earn Interest$500$1,000$2,500
Per Item FeesNone

First 60 items are free

$.50 for each additional item

First 60 items are free

$.50 for each additional item

*Limited to six withdrawals per statement cycle. There is a $5 excessive debit fee.

Certificates of Deposit 

Our Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS)SM is another way in which we strive to bring you options to fit your business’s needs. With CDARS, you can consolidate all your funds in one FDIC-insured portfolio with one monthly statement. You no longer need to open accounts at multiple banks or in other individuals names solely to obtain FDIC insurance.

CD without CDARS

CD through CDARS

Deposits over $250,000 may not 
be eligible for FDIC insurance
Deposits over $250,000 that are placed 
through network members are eligible 
for full FDIC insurance
Multiple bank relationships or account 
registrations are required for 
FDIC-insured deposits over $250,000
One bank for all your CD and banking needs
Multiple statements and 1099s result 
from numerous banking relationships
One consolidated statement and 1099

CDARS offers specific advantages to institutional and business customers.

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